How can financial advisors be better advocates for their clients?
By being independent.

That simple truth compelled us to launch our own firm, SkyPath Private Wealth, as an independent wealth management practice in 2022. Our team of founding partners – representing over 100 aggregated years of experience in the financial advisory industry – came together because of our shared values and commitment to serving clients.

We work with multi generational families and are proud to count 3rd and 4th generations among our clients.

We also serve business owners as well as rising and established corporate executives – each group facing particular challenges when it comes to managing their wealth. But we look at each individual to truly understand their views on money, their expectations for the future, and their ambition for their legacy.

We work closely with each client and their families to develop a fully detailed roadmap –

one that simplifies decision making, clarifies options, and builds a path towards a personal set of goals. As an independent firm, we work in an open architecture. This means we have the freedom and flexibility to access best-in-class solutions for our clients that align with their customized plan.

Peace of mind

During our journey together, we educate our clients so they understand their choices and can be confident in their pursuit of the financial future they dream of. It is our goal to help deliver a peace of mind from knowing that their financial well-being is in good hands.

High-touch service

With our constant and proactive communications and our exceptional level of service, clients and their families know they can turn to us for help with any situation where their wealth impacts how they want to live their best lives.

Committed to our communities

we humbly donate a percentage of our profits to charities each year.

SkyPath Private Wealth is a partner firm of Sanctuary Wealth, an advanced platform for elite independent advisors.

Sanctuary provides all-encompassing operational and technological support in an ecosystem of Partnered Independence. Through Sanctuary, SkyPath Private Wealth is able to access an array of proprietary and non-proprietary investment vehicles and unbiased options, including unique opportunities available only through the Sanctuary Wealth network of partner firms.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why did you choose to start your own firm?

It is our strong belief that the only way for financial advisors to be true advocates for their clients is by being independent. This core principle compelled us to launch own firm, SkyPath Private Wealth, as an independent wealth management practice. With shared values and a client-first mindset, we were founded by a team of skilled advisors with over 100 aggregated years of experience. As an independent firm, we serve our clients by being an advocate for their dreams, a fiduciary for their best interests, and a steward for managing their wealth. We work side by side with our clients to help them build a path towards achieving everything they desire in life.

Our independence means we do not report to a corporate headquarters whose agenda puts shareholders ahead of clients. We have the freedom and flexibility to tailor our recommendations by accessing unlimited solutions from industry-leading sources, including banking, lending, investments, financial planning, and estate planning.

* SkyPath Private Wealth is a DBA of Sanctuary Securities, Inc. and Sanctuary Advisors, LLC; however, we own 100% of our independent firm. To provide our clients with the services we offer, we are Registered Representatives of Sanctuary Securities Inc. (Member FINRA, SIPC) and Investment Advisor Representatives of Sanctuary Advisors, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Adviser.

How will the launch of your firm affect me directly? How will I benefit?

First and foremost, you will benefit from the collaborative approach we take in helping you identify your values and pursue your goals and dreams.

Access to a Broader Marketplace: Because we’re independent and own our own firm, we work in an open architecture, which means that we can access best-in-class products and services, from a wide variety of resource partners.

Robust Planning Solutions: We will be using advanced planning software from eMoney. This tool has robust capabilities that will allow you, and our team, to view, in real time, your complete financial picture, including assets held at other firms. eMoney also has a secure, user-friendly “Vault” which enables you to safely store important documents, such as trusts, wills, tax filings, insurance documents, titles, etc. You will be able to choose to share the uploaded documents with our team, in cases where it is helpful for us to have access to them.

Exceptional Client Service: With your best interests as our only agenda, our team is free to focus exclusively on addressing your individual service needs.

No Corporate Agenda: Your needs are our only priority; the services we offer you are tailored to your specific goals. We have no products to sell you and no shareholders to cater to.

What will change?

Your day-to-day experience with us will not change. Though our name and logo have changed, our commitment to you is amplified by our ability to act in your best interest without corporate policies that could compromise our actions. Your account holdings (with a few minor exceptions) and fees will remain unchanged and will transfer in kind. The transfer of your accounts to BNY Mellon | Pershing will not create a taxable event (again, with few, minor exceptions).

Why wasn’t I told sooner about your decision to launch a new firm?

While we would have enjoyed the opportunity to share our plans with you in advance, legal considerations and contractual restrictions prevented us from doing so. As investment professionals, we are committed to respecting and abiding by those covenants, even though it was personally challenging to not have the ability to speak with you beforehand.

Why did we choose to be part of the advisor network Sanctuary Wealth?

We are able to leverage the technology, tools, and standardized processes available through Sanctuary Wealth that help maximize scalability and manage risk so that we can reinvest time where it matters most—with clients like you. By partnering with Sanctuary, we can deliver operational excellence, maintain a strong culture of compliance, and offer a robust cybersecurity program, which will safeguard the information clients entrust to our guidance. Sanctuary also empowers its partner firms with access to a vibrant community of like-minded, elite independent financial advisors. The advisors in this peer group share best practices and we can tap into our community’s intellectual capital to deliver more specialized expertise – and investment opportunities – to SkyPath Private Wealth’s clients.



How do I know my assets will be safe with the new custodian?

With over $47 trillion in assets under custody and/or administration, BNY Mellon is the largest custodian in the world by a significant margin. The safety and security of your assets is of critical importance to us. With that in mind, and after a rigorous due diligence process, we selected BNY Mellon | Pershing as our custodian based on their infrastructure, research, technology, and service capabilities. We are incredibly impressed with the measures they take to protect client assets, and we are reassured by their strength, size, and reputation in the industry. Pershing is an industry leader providing clearing and custody services in 65 global markets, with execution services in over 60 markets globally and facilitating the trading and conversion of 50 currencies.



Will the way you manage money change in any way?

The core strategies we use to manage your assets will not change, and of course, our investment management solutions are always specifically tailored to your risk parameters, timeline, and long-term objectives. What will improve, however, are certain capabilities, including our enhanced interactive financial planning, as well as broader access to more investment products and strategies, created by working in an open architecture environment.


What about our loans, or line of credit and mortgage?

Wherever your mortgage is now, keep it there. If you want a new mortgage, we can help source a new competitive rate. As an independent firm, we now have the freedom to pursue loans and lines of credit for our clients, identifying the best terms and rates for each situation.

What about my existing banking services?

You’re under no obligation to move your banking accounts as part of this transition. However, as we are now an independent team, we have the ability to go out in the marketplace on your behalf to identify comparable or better options than your current situation. We can advise you on what is the best banking relationship solution specifically for your needs – whether with a local, regional or national bank.

Client Service

How can I expect to view and access my assets once they transition to my new accounts?

 You will be able to view your assets by utilizing the Client Login section on our website. Once you log in, you will have the same type of access to all of your accounts and the ability to utilize services as you had been accustomed to.

Will my fees change with this transition?

No, the fees we charge as your investment advisor will be the same as they are today. Yet you will benefit from what our new firm can now access on your behalf: best-in-class products, services, and technologies that were not available to us at our previous firm. And now, with our new custodian, there will be no transfer fees or account maintenance fees.


Where are you located and how can I reach the team?

Our new office is located at:

51 JFK Parkway, Suite 110
Short Hills, NJ 07078

[email protected]

Here is our updated contact information:

Name Phone Email
Kevin M. Pearly, CFP®, CRPC®, C(k)P® (908) 897-2305 [email protected]
James M. Rohmann (908) 897-2311 [email protected]
Steven A. Filiaci (908) 897-2301 [email protected]
Kenneth J. Hopkins, CFP®, CPFA™ (908) 897-2304 [email protected]
Rohit K. Bhalla  (908) 897-3794  [email protected]
Louis F. Iovine (908) 897-2302 [email protected]
Susan L. Hoyt (908) 897-2303 [email protected]
Jessica P. McGowan (908) 897-2307 [email protected]
Alex J. Rohmann (908) 897-2309  [email protected]
Kaite M. Coleman (908) 897-2308  [email protected]
Christina M. Vollmann  (908)-897-3795  [email protected]

Next Steps

What are next steps if I would like to work with your new firm?

The total process will take approximately two weeks from the date you return our Welcome Packet transition paperwork to our team, and we will do everything we can to ensure the transition is a positive experience. It’s likely you will receive a call from our prior firm asking you to initiate a relationship with an assigned advisor, who will not know your personal situation as well as we do. We sincerely believe that the opportunity to retain a longstanding relationship with us – with our personal, proven commitment to your individual needs, combined with the newly available benefits of our independent firm – will outweigh any minor inconvenience posed by the transition itself.

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